Magic Utopia Magic Truffles

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Discover the power of Mush Magic Utopia Magic Truffles 15g. Ideal for an intense, visual trip with increased potency thanks to a longer growing period. Pleasant taste, vacuum packed for freshness. Start your journey beyond the universe today!



Magic Utopia Magic Truffles 

Magic Utopia Truffles ,Experience a new dimension of reality with the powerful Mush . Cultivated for an extended period of 9 to 10 months, this special product provides an intense visual trip thanks to the increased potency of the truffles.Psilocybe Utopia and Hollandia are among the strongest varieties in our range. A strong trip can already be experienced when consuming half of this package. These Utopia truffles lift the experience to unprecedented depths and new sensations, which leave standard reality far behind.These magic truffles not only have an impressive effect, but are also pleasant in taste. Your customers will surely appreciate the taste of the Psilocybe Utopia.In addition, each 0.05 kilogram package is carefully vacuum packed to preserve the freshness and potency of the product. The compact packaging of 10cm by 5cm by 3cm makes it easy to store these magic truffles discreetly and securely.

this one is special

Here’s another strain of Mush Magic’s finest products whose goodness can only be compared to that of Psilocybe Hollandia. Do you have customers who need a ticket to fly out of the Universe? If yes, this is the product you need to sell to them. We have given it a perfect 5 out of 5 ratings and with good reasons. Psilocybe Utopia and Hollandia are the strongest in our range of products. Consuming just half of this wholesale Mush Magic Utopia Magic Truffles 15g packet is sufficient in giving some of your customers a strong trip. Its effects are intensively visual, transferring consumers from the regular view of reality into awesome depths of new sensations. The Utopia magic truffles achieve high strength since their stones are grown for longer to increase their potency levels. In a normal scenario, truffles will be grown for 4 to 6 months. The period is extended for Utopia truffles to 9 or 10 months.

More On Utopia Magic,buy Psilocybe Utopia has a pleasant taste that your customers will definitely like. It’s available in a vacuum-sealed pack that weighs 0.05 kilograms. The weight of the magic truffles inside is 15 grams. The size of the packaging is 10 cm by 5 cm by 3 cm. We consider preserving the freshness and potency of this product through careful packaging.

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