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<b>Liquid Culture Overview

Skip the hassle of cloning, contamination, and lengthy colonisation times. Our live liquid cultures have been cloned by our master mycologist to produce the finest sub-strain with the best genetics. Compared to water-suspended multi-spore syringes, our liquid culture syringes consistently yield large flushes and minimal incubation timesOrder our Liquid Culture if you are looking for an easy way to grow potent and consistent magic mushrooms.


Wipe down the injection area with alcohol. Using gloves, replace the tip of the syringe with the sterile 18G needle provided. Shake up the syringe thoroughly to distribute the mycelium and flame the needle until red hot. Cool down the needle with alcohol and inject into a self-healing injection port. We recommend 3-6ccs into a 3.5lb bag of sterile grain bag.


Once LC is received, store in a fridge at 4c until ready to use. Once refrigerated, LC is stable for 6 months to 1 year. DO NOT FREEZE.

Any damage or contamination of LC due to shipment will be replaced by us</b></p>

Equipment Supplied

Liquid Culture equipment supplied with each order includes:

1x 10cc Malabar liquid culture suspended in syringe, 1X sterile 18G needle, 1X alcohol swab.

Ready for substrate inoculation or to swipe on agar.

Please note that magic mushroom grow kit products are not eligible for discounts.


Order Liquid Culture online

Liquid Culture,Our mycelium strains are suspended in 10ccs of sterile liquid nutrient. Each syringe contains a high-output, isolated sub-strain cloned for maximum yield and minimum incubation time. Each culture is triple-lab-tested and guaranteed 100% contamination free, or we will replace it free of charge.

When it comes to home scale mushroom cultivation, we at the Fungi Academy believe in the power of mushroom liquid cultures!


They’re easy and cheap to make, extremely scalable, colonize grains far quicker than agar cultures and can be used to make endless more liquid cultures or to inoculate grains in non-sterile environments. Compared to other growing techniques, that’s unprecedented for small-scale growers.

These reasons are why we’ll soon begin to offer liquid cultures on our website, courtesy of the Mushroom Liquid Culture King, Paul of Fungaia.

In this spirit, we thought we’d provide a primer on the basics of mushroom liquid culture.

What is a mushroom liquid culture?

mushroom liquid culture is just living mycelium inside lightly nutritious water. A basic, common recipe for this nutritious water mixture is 500 millimeters of filtered, non-chlorinated water combined with 10 grams of honey, light malt extract, or some other simple, easily fermentable sugar.

What’s the difference between a mushroom and a spore syringe?

As we just learned, a mushroom is basically just mycelium growing in

Spores and spore syringes, on the other hand, are not mycelium. Spores must first germinate before they can begin to form mycelium. So, when you inoculate a substrate with spores/spore syringe, it must first germinate before it begins to grow mycelium. Conversely, when you inoculate a substrate with a mushroom, it starts growing (more) mycelium almost immediately.

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