All-in-One Magic Mushroom Grow Kit


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We are excited to introduce the newest and easiest of our Magic Mushroom kits – A first in Canada, the All-in-one magic mushroom grow kit.

We’ve developed this mushroom grow kit to make the fun of mycology accessible to everyone

No experience needed, all you need to do is cut the bag, spray with water and harvest.

More Canadians are coming round to the transformative power of psilocybin mushrooms. Scientists are rediscovering what many see as the substances’ astonishing therapeutic potential for a vast range of issues, from depression to drug addiction or the acceptance of one’s mortality.  Let’s not forget, you don’t have to be unwell to benefit. Many people enjoy microdosing, not to get high but to feel more focused, creative and present in their everyday lives.

There’s a whole new cohort of curious Canadians out there who would love to explore psychedelics or microdosing but haven’t, simply because they are not sure where to begin. They’re unsure how to identify them in the wild (leave that to the pros guys). How safe is the supply? Or simply concerned about breaking local laws.

Well, growing your own magic mushrooms at home may be your answer to these questions. Growing ‘shrooms at home provides a reliable, year round supply. This grow kit typically produces 100g of dried mushroom. Which makes this mycology project hugely economical and super easy.

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All-in-One Magic Mushroom Grow Kit 

Grow Kit, grow directly in the bag. Ditch the monotub and other costly supplies! Growing mushrooms at home just got a lot easier

Mycelium – This bag contains a special blend of dung-loving substrate that is fully colonized with a high-yielding Psilocybe cubensis monoculture. It is fully colonized-you just have to let it sit in your house, somewhere like a shelf or a kitchen counter with INDIRECT ambient light cycles. It will naturally start to grow mushrooms over the course of a week or two without you having to do much work at all!.

Pin it – Once you see pins (baby mushrooms), you know your mushrooms are just a few days away from maturing! Once the baby mushrooms are about .5 inch to 1 inch high, cut a single 2-2.5 inch wide horizontal slice right above the filter patch. Cutting this slit allows oxygen into the bag and triggers the mushrooms to fruit rapidly and all at once.

Keep it humid – Using a spray bottle, spray inside your plastic terrarium once or twice a day. (Spraying the bag creates a moist micro-environment for fruiting.

Keep an eye on the veil – This step is important if you want an abundant crop. Missing the harvest window by a few hours can be the difference between a dazzling golden cap and a tarnished substrate with black ink spores. If the veil breaks, it will release its spores into the bag which will limit your next flush. You want to Harvest the mushroom when the underside of cap starts to stretch, but not fully open up into an umbonate. ( flattened shape.

Harvest – use a gloved hand and reach inside the bag through the slit. Twist the mushroom stipe (stalk) gently to remove it.

Repeat- Continue to spray inside your bag as mushrooms will continue to grow for 3 to 8 flushes. This really hinges on the harvest and not contaminating your substrate with spores.

This All-in-One mushroom kit contains our mycologist’s blend of ………. Mycelium, Horse Manure, Coco Coir, Vermiculite, Spent Coffee Ground, Lime and a whole lot of magic! Mycology has never been this easy.

Your kit is ready to grow several flushes of big magic mushrooms within the first two weeks..

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