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What is Clonazolam?

Clonazolam is a triazolobenzodiazepine that was first created in the 1970s. Available as a tablet, capsule, pellet, blotter, or powder, Clonazolam has been described as a triazolobenzodiazepine.

Even though it was never licensed for medicinal use, it recently surfaced on the Internet in 2014, labelled as an illicit “designer drug.” Clonazolam is easily accessible from online distributors, as they do not require insurance, physical examination, or consultation with a doctor, which makes asking the potential for medical complications high. Often when someone thinks they are purchasing Valium or some other benzodiazepine, they are actually getting Clonazolam. Urine drug screens cannot differentiate between the triazolobenzodiazepine and a regular benzodiazepine.

A recent study showed that Clonazolam abuse causes an altered mental status, hypotension, and changes to heart rhythms. Another report showed that ingesting the drug in liquid form may increase the risk of accidental overdose.

Despite its categorization as one, Clonazolam is clearly not “just another benzodiazepine”. While, yes, it has the same toxic effects as other benzos, when Clonazolam is abused, it carries with it many additional risks and consequences.

Risks of Benzodiazepine Use

While benzodiazepine dependence is common in America (an estimated 1 in 20 Americans use them each year), there are unique risks associated with long-term use.

The long-term effects include depression, disinhibition, impaired memory and cognitive issues, including response times and coordination, brain damage, and increased risk of car crashes and even hip fractures. They are also highly prone to misuse.

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