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Fret not with the Trip Stopper! Take one Valerian Root capsule and one chewable Vitamin C tablet if your trip takes a less than pleasant turn. Vitamin C has an adverse effect on Psilocybin and Valerian root has a calming effect on the nervous system. So if you things get a little too intense, the trip stopper is here to minimize the bad trip effects.


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Trip Stopper Capsules,The Valerian capsules that you can find within this trip killer package help you relax and help the dextrose sugar neutralize the mushroom effects. Only the idea of ​​the package in your possession gives you the idea that you are well prepared for the trip.

Be prepared for anything! When you have this Trip Stopper in your pocket, you put your subconscious in advance at ease.

When you use mushrooms or magic truffles to trip, the trip can sometimes be a bit too intense. With a trip stopper you can take the edge off your trip. It strengthens the breakdown process and helps to gradually stop any bad trip. With a trip stopper you are well-prepared for your trip. Especially when it is one of the first times that you are going to trip, it is nice to have a trip-stopper within reach. It is a comforting thought alone, knowing that you have a trip-stopper at home. You do not have to worry about a possible bad trip that is too intense. After all, you have a trip-stopper on hand. In addition, we advise everyone to always have a trip sitter in the room. This is a sober friend who can help you calm down when a trip is a bit too intense. Incidentally, it is always advisable for experienced users of mushrooms and magic truffles to have a trip-stopper at home.

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In the package of trip stopper you will find 2 different pills. It contains 2 dextrose tablets and 4 valerian capsules. The valerian capsules help you to relax more. The dextrose tablets are there to reduce the effects of your trip.

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A trip stopper helps to speed up the breakdown process and removes the sharp edges. This trip stopper only works with magic mushrooms or truffles.

First take the 2 dextrose tablets, then the 4 valerian capsules with a large glass of water. After 10 minutes it is best to eat something savory, such as a sandwich. Now try to stay calm and focus on your breathing and the fact that the trip is coming to an end

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